The 5 “Best Worst” Things Orangetheory Coaches Say


Orangetheory Southtowns coaches play a huge role in our fitness journey. We love the way they support and challenge us to crush our goals and get more out of life.


Whether you’ve been a member of Orange Nation for a few weeks, months, or years—our OT Southtowns Fit Fam agrees: We can’t imagine life without our favorite coaches.


They greet us before class with a devilish grin, knowing they’re about to kick our butts on a Power Day. They’re watching the leaderboard All. Class. Long., pushing us into the Orange Zone and getting us to hold that Push Pace for one, two, three minutes even though we’re already dripping sweat.


They really know how to break us out of our comfort zone and help us get real results so we can live our best life.


Here are five things our Orangetheory coaches say and do that drive us crazy—in the very best ways:


“See you tomorrow morning—I’m coaching at 5:30 and 6:30am!”


There’s only one person in the world who could get you out of bed that early in the morning—especially for a workout. Your favorite Orangetheory coach is too good to miss. And he’s expecting you, too—so you’re not going to let him down. But it works out for the best. You love that confidence you carry through the rest of the day after you accomplish an awesome early-morning sweat session.



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“Halfway through! Treads, bikes, striders: Let’s pick up that speed!”


You already pushed your pace into the Orange Zone and were jogging toward your next 90 -second Base Pace—not expecting you’d be going even faster before making it to your active recovery phase. But somehow that constant support and encouragement from your coach—combined with the energy of the group—always makes it happen. Now you’ve got new personal bests to show for it. Thanks to the coach’s push, you’ve shaved more than 2 minutes off your mile since starting Orangetheory. And there’s no stopping you as you get faster and stronger with every workout.






“20 seconds left!” (And she keeps you for 25—you watched!)

(You’re also pretty sure she does the same when holding a one-minute plank.)


Your coach knows her heart-pumping playlist will keep you going. And she knows you can handle it. You’re going a little bit farther and a little bit faster each day because she keeps you motivated and burning strong in the Orange Zone.


 “Just when you think you can’t go any harder, they motivate and help you push yourself.”
-Riyaz B.


“Here, use the 25s for this one.” (And he brings you heavier dumbbells.)


Thought you could sneak 10-pounders on a bicep curl without your coach noticing? Proud that 20-pound dumbbells on a deadlift finally felt comfortable? Your coach sees everything on the floor. And you’re glad he does—because a month ago, you never would have known you could handle more. It’s always challenging, but you always overcome it, and it feels awesome knowing you pushed yourself beyond what you ever thought was possible. Your coach always keeps you moving forward.


“I always dread going into the workout, but I’m never sorry afterwards.”
-Gigi G.


“Have a good weekend, guys! Eat healthy! ”


Well, there go your Friday night pizza plans! It’s amazing how that little reminder from your favorite coach is all it takes to keep you burning for your goals, even outside the studio. And there aren’t any secrets—you follow each other on Instagram, so she’ll see those #foodporn selfies. She won’t knock you for it, but her constant inspiration and support will help you hold yourself accountable and remind you that it’s a cheat meal, not a cheat day (and definitely not a cheat weekend!).



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That’s Why We Love Orangetheory Coaches


Our coaches drive us crazy with their relentless motivation and support. Because of the care they show our OT Southtowns Fit Fam, we’re able to accomplish our goals and get more from life.


Some of their demands may seem impossible at first, but our coaches push us because they know we can do it. No one sees our journeys the way they do, and they’re the first to high-five us and congratulate a new personal record. That sense of accomplishment makes the hard work so worth it.


Our coaches are a huge part of what makes Orangetheory so special. So next time you’re going All Out at Orangetheory Southtowns, give your coach a big fist-bump after you’ve reached your daily goal.


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